About MOCA Education

MOCA Education re-assures and shares with the world the best Practice solutions related to quality in Education. We provide excellent and user friendly platform to students and trainers to ensure ease of learning. MOCA Education was initiated by MOCA certification during the pandemic to assist quality education. MOCA Education platform is managed and audited by MOCA certifications.

MOCA Education is managed by experienced educators and education researchers worldwide which enable MOCA to provide the highest level of excellence in Education. More than 30 years of experience along with certifying a hundreds of institutions MOCA advised are the guarantee of the international recognition and quality of our service.


International Recognition from the past 25 years. Our experience in the international markets, with hundreds of European education providers advised, proves the effectiveness of MOCA quality solutions. The long-term relationships with different International Organizations (public and private) are the guarantee of the international recognition of our quality.