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Growth Analysis OR Moca Teacher Vs Regular Teacher

Comparision between career graph of a regular teacher/trainer vs Moca certified trainer.
Teachers Fall behind

In other words, even if young teachers are paid well the pay scale is flat. Teacher's pay at the top is 1:4 times as much as their starting salary. A class toom teacher's pay tops rising within ten years, ehere as the incomes of his or her peer in other professions keep rising well into their thirties and forties.

After a whitle the career graph of teacher become static.

A gratten institute furvey of almost 100 young high achievers(aged eighteen to twenty five) shows that 70 percent are open to becoming teachers. but environment data shows that when it comes to the crunch, only three percent of the high achievers actually choose teacher fortheir underfraduate studies.

Research has proven that a major barrier is teacher's pay

Why this barrier?

An institute/school takes away maximum amount of fees from the student and pays a monthly fixed salary to the teacher.

How moca removes this barrier?

Moca Certified trainer's get a break through in their career by getting a opportunity to be the shool/institute and get the revenue of school rather than of a teacher

Assistance by MOCA

MOCA provides every kind of support for teacher to become independent and deserv recognition world wide

Student leads

MOCA offers student leads to trainers to start their classes.

Creating resumes and video profile

MOCA provides ou to create resumes and video to you stand out among others and your skills and accomplishment

Social media marketing:

you get showcase yourself and market you as a brand on social media


Moca does organise specific campaigns for you to get student from a place to your classroom

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